Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making Cookies

Logan and Daddy tried their bakers hand at some homemade sugar cookies.....not their best attempt, but they had a blast together. I think sugar cookie making will be left up to Auntie Sarah Smith.

Cam's Hanging Out and Sittin Up

Totally rockin the hairbow
Everybody has a belly shirt.....right?

1st try at sittin pretty....."Leaning" curve included!

Stare Down

Cameron was sitting in the chair by herself with the bear and ring toy, when we wondered back into the livingroom to find Logan had climbed up into the chair and "borrowed" sisters items.....the stare down is in progress!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4 Months Old and Growin

Not such a "little" lady anymore.....15lbs!!!
Cameron loves the sound of her own voice...she will tell you all about her busy days! She has accomplished the art of blowing raspberries, started to grab toys to play with, realized she has a tongue that if sucked on can make all sorts of fun sounds, and has discovered her hands.....which in enough time tries to fit a whole fist in her mouth. She loves watching Logan play and run around even if he doesn't give her the time of day. Still have literally no hair, so we have to make sure she is all dolled up sporting a hairbow or at least some pink attire...there may have been some mention of a boy? We are not a big fan of sleep or I should say staying asleep, so she has spent the last month in her swing during the night.....but last night we tried our hand again in the crib and slept for 8hrs straight!...maybe this will be the start of something great!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Newyear.....2010 is here!

Monkey chair for the "Monkey"
Loves his new activity table

Very own tool set

Hooray new dresses!

We enjoyed a quiet "Newyears" at home and celebrated with Nana and Papa Mespelt.

Smith Family Christmas

Christmas Morning

Ooober Excited

Just what I asked for "Santa"

Cousin Maggie with her haul!

Christmas Cousins

Eugene Smith Family

All the Smiths

We enjoyed Christmas in Bend at the new vaca home.....thanks Gram and Gramp Smith! The kids were able to visit Santa, do a little sledding, and play with Cousin Mags. We even were able to get some Smith Family Photos.