Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Girl 9mo

I know what you all are thinking.....darn that kid has always got something in her mouth! Its the hot new activity right now! We also love talking, a "pro" at sitting up, scoots around on her butt to do a 360...its impressive, and now a fan of eating and sleeping "months" of practice has paid off! Cameron has broken the 20lb promises that brother isn't going to get pummeled in the near future!

Weekend In Bend

showing papa how to play with blocks

watching "Iceage"

awwww how cute is this!

Pretty sure that horses eat pine cones...right?

such a big kid at heart

ready, set, swim...

love the faces and they both made them every trip down the slide

feeding the aquatic animals

duck collection

swimming with dad

1st time big boy swimming using arms and legs

We enjoyed a great weekend over in Bend with Napa and Papa Mespelt. We found a fun park with some new toys and a great kids pool with an awesome duck slide and pool toys. It was a beautiful summer weekend and thanks to Gram and Gramp Smith for a great vaca home!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends At Last...

There was a great game of "keep away" this morning with the ball.
Some highlights were an awesome tackle, a yard run, and a touchdown!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st Swim

We visited the outdoor community pool for the 1st time today. Logan was a huge fan, but Cameron not so much...I think it was just a little chilly for sister. I guess we have to go swimsuit shopping...apparently swimsuits run just a little small like by at least 2 sizes! Logan is getting pretty brave with the water jumping off the side and floating around by himself. More swimming adventures to come!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend-NO RAIN!

showing Mags the yard

cousins playing

showing Gram how to draw Dino's

quick lesson on drawing Dino's

golf pro already

choo choo

Logan the conductor


awwww how i love the scowl

story time

about 2 seconds after this picture...Mags had a meltdown...not a fan of sharing bathtime

somebody found the "bubble wash"

the girls loved the ride and got to take turns napping on each other

We had a great Memorial Day weekend filled with lots of activities with the Eugene Smith's.....and not a single drop of rain.....AMAZING! Saturday we enjoyed a quick visit up to the property...the "chicken" was no where to be found. Grandma Tami came down for a visit and enjoyed some sidewalk chalk fun. Sunday we made our 1st trip up to Train Mountain in Chiloquin its a little train place where you can visit some none working train cars and ride a miniture train around a little park area which included a tunnel, western town, and even a bridge...Logan loved it, I have a feeling it won't be the last trip to ride the train! Monday we were able to go for a bike ride threw some of Klamath before we had to say goodbye to the Smith's. Logan absolutely loved playing and spending time with Uncle Josh!

Sunday Adventure

Spring Creek

fish watching

Sarah and Mags

Me and Cam

Logan is pretty sure that fish eat dandelions

We all had a blast at the Collier State Park Logging Museum...its amazing how many times we have drivin past it and never stopped. Logan loved checking out all the logging equipment from the 1800's and it turned out to be a beautiful day.